Friday, 2 August 2013

My top five favourite idioms

Not my cup of tea idiom1. It´s not my cup of tea.

What does it mean when somebody says something is not their cup of tea? It simply means that they are not fond of it.

 And we use it like this:

"I don´t really like reggaeton music." = "Reggaeton music is not my cup of tea."

2. To have a whale of a time

Have a whale of a time idiom
If you have a whale of a time it means that you have a jolly good time with your friends.

- "So, how was Mexico?"
- "It was great! I had a whale of a time with my friends."

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3. Mum's the word
Mum´s the word idiom

This is a very popular idiom. According to wikipedia "mum" is a Middle English word meaning "silent."

" I´m getting married in September, but mum´s the word, nobody knows it yet."

4. Once in a blue moon
Once in a blue moon idiom

This is one I use frequently, and it means that you don´t do something very often (or that something doesn´t happen very often).

- "How often do you do exercise outdoors?"
- "Once in a blue moon, to be honest."

5. Sour grapes
Sour grapes idiom

Do you know this one?
The picture helps. It´s a lot like the children´ story. We use it when there is something that we desire but can not have it, and we simply deny wanting it.

"I said I didn´t really love her anyway, but it was sour grapes."

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