A Character Reference letter is a formal document you write to recommend a person for a job or perhaps for an scholarship. In the CAE exam you are sometimes asked to write one. Here there is an example submitted by an English Teacher from Peru.

To whom it may concern.

Mariela Lopez

Mariela and I have been working at "Peru Travel" for about 15 years. She has proved to be a well-qualified travel agent during all the time she has rendered services to this company.

Mariela is the kind of person who can work with others as she displays sensitivity and sympathy. She is always willing to collaborate not only with the boss, but also with her colleagues. In addition, she has got a very strong sense of responsibility and rarely takes time off or asks for permission for personal matters.

I am certain that Mariela is the most elegible applicant for the travel agent position in your enterprise as she is a very organised person who is always informed of all the documents, files, tasks and formalities concerning her field. She can manage her time effectively and work under pressure. She is an industrious and innovative member who is capable of enhancing the name of the company. I assure you that she will know how to pursue all the goals your enterprise sets. 

From my point of view and for all the reasons I have outlined above, Mariela would be an asset as a travel agent in your company. She is devoted to her work and she enjoys it a lot. I have no hesitation in recommending her for the position.

( An English teacher/ guest blogger from Peru )

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