Wednesday, 6 July 2016

CPE Museum Review Sample 2016

Submitted by Amaia Garcia Juaristi

Number of words: 270

A local newspaper is running a competition for the most interesting review of an exhibition or museum . Write a review, describing the exhibition or museum you have chosen and commenting on why it is particularly worth visiting or why you would not recommend it to other people. Write your review. 280- 320 words
The rubric was taken from Mark Harrison's book, Proficiency Test Builder, 4th Edition

The French Revolution museum

I have recently arrived from France where I was overwhelmed by its historic and romantic museums. Had I known before how fascinating they were, I would have asked for longer holidays and spent the whole summer learning about the French history. 

But my absolutely favourite was the Bastille Museum in Mademoiselle street, which is entirely dedicated to the French Revolution. As inquisitive as I am, I stepped into the museum in a scorching morning of a summer day and left it when the night was falling.

I was absolutely mesmerized by the works of art in the museum. There are different rooms which depict the architecture and lifestyle of the 18th century. There are enormous colourful canvas, amazing sculptures, exquisite silver and gold jewellery and even kings and queens´ garments. 

There is also multimedia and audio available for the young and the techi. Visitors can put on headphones and listen about this distant time, or they can use the computers to embark on a fascinating trip to the past. 

Another reason why I recommend going to the museum is because they have very friendly and informative tour guides.  There are big parking lots, spotless bathrooms a big cafeteria and all kinds of facilities which make the place also very attractive for school teachers visiting with groups of children. 

To sum up, I would highly recommend visiting this gorgeous museum in the heart of Paris. The works of art are definitely a must-see and I’m sure it is worth a visit especially for children, who can have fun by learning about the history of France.

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