Thursday, 2 August 2018

Writing a report for the CPE exam. Sample and feedback

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A jobs fair was recently held in your town for international organisations and companies to promote careers available for young people. You have been asked to write a report of the jobs fair for your college website. You should briefly describe the event and identify two or three promotions of particular interest and relevance. You should also evaluate the extent to which such events can open young people’s minds to new challenges and career opportunities.
Write your report in 280-320 words.

Feedback in red

(I suggest writing a title)

The aim of this report is to describe a jobs fair that was recently held in our town. As well as, to identifying interesting and relevant promotions made by the companies and organisations; and to evaluateing whether the event opened the youngsters’ minds or not. (who? in what way?)

Description of the event:
For the first time in a while the jobs fair was held in the city. It was at the Town Hall, where there is plenty of space to came out such a big event. (check!) The fair was well-organised; there was a general topic per day, and each there were not only interactive talks and presentations but also some engaging games. The general topics were Physical science, Art, Medicine and Social science. For example, the first day, Physical science, there were stands which presented different projects that were done by students who had finished their career studies.

Promotions of interest:
All promotions were particularly eye-catching but the one which kept me spellbound during all the presentation was civil engineer. The announcer said such compelling words that everyone was sure that is one of the best careers. Summarising, he said there is a wide variety of job opportunities around the world, so you could also have the chance to travel. Besides, it requires a lot of skills, what make the career challenging. Furthermore, tourism manager was a protagonist during the fair. It is a really strenuous job, which involves having a great deal of general knowledge. Despite, you would be able to travel virtually all the world as a lot of cultural knowledge is needed. (check!)

Evaluation of the benefits of the event:
As far as I know, this kind of event, whether they have a good organisation or not, are entirely beneficial to the students; due to the fact that present careers which are not that common and that students might not be aware of. Besides, some of the careers does take a short time studying what it is important for some adolescents. Also, those careers are much more challenging than the ones everybody knows.

To sum up, it was not only worthy to go to the event, but also a good movement made by our local authorities as it is interesting and beneficial for the student´s life.

General feedback: 
Well-organised text. Task was fulfilled. 
Style is rather too informal, I would say. 
Check: vocabulary: use of "career"

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

CPE 2018 Report on a jobs fair Sample

Hi Gustavo,

Please, could you check my report? 




Write an answer to one of the questions 2 – 5 in this part. Write your answer in 280 – 320 words in an appropriate style on the separate answer sheet.

A jobs fair was recently held in your town for international organisations and companies to promote careers available for young people. You have been asked to write a report of the jobs fair for your college website. You should briefly describe the event and identify two or three promotions of particular interest and relevance. You should also evaluate the extent to which such events can open young people’s minds to new challenges and career opportunities. Write your report.

Jobs fair in Barcelona

Description of the event

Last June I had the opportunity to attend an international jobs fair which was hosted by Barcelona University from 3rd to 6th June. It was aimed not only at Barcelona University’s students but also at young people wishing to broaden their career horizons. There were a handful of stands promoting job offers, in which it was possible to leave your Curriculum Vitae, so it was a pretty good chance for those looking for employment who wanted to be taken into consideration. This was regarded as also a great opportunity to make networking. build contacts in their field of expertise, which could have a positive impact in their jobs prospects in the future. (Description of the event is missing. Were there speakers? Was it possible to eat there? How many companies took part? What kind of jobs were available?) 

Saturday, 7 July 2018

CAE and CPE Writing training: Formal letter Sample and feedback

Hi again Gustavo,

I hope you are fine!

Could you please take a look at my letter? As always, I'll share and like!

Thank you again for your previos feedback, it has been really useful and even though I keep making mistakes I feel more confident now about my writing, because now I know what to do in order to improve. 

Thank you!


You recently attended a training course which was exceptionally good. Now you have decided to write a letter directly to the course leader. Say why the course was exceptional, why it was particularly suitable for you and how you are benefiting from it now.

Write your letter.

Feedback in red

Dear Diana, (Is Dear Diana formal enough?)

I attended the leadership course which took place in Barcelona University last June. I am writing to give you my impressions on such the course, which in my humble opinion, is one of the best courses I have had the pleasure to attend. of going to. (Not to use the word "attend" twice) // (You should mention what kind of course that was)

To be honest, I believed that it would fall short on my expectations, as I have previously attended been to other courses of similar nature not resulting to be quite what I had hoped for. However, I can undoubtedly say that this course was exceptional -the contents, the instructor and the methods were ideal to accomplish the goal of the course. Arguably, what I liked the most was the role play game activity, in which we had the opportunity to face a “real” situation, in which we could put in practise the mechanisms theory we had previously learnt. Not only it was htat fascinating, but also the instructor’s feedback. -Evaristo was exceptionally empathic and did know how to lead us to the right path.

As a matter of fact, I am currently using what I learnt in the course, in my job as a  project manager. I balance both work and studies, so I started applying some of your time-management techniques. No sooner had I started using them, than my partners perceived the sudden change. They say that I have improved my work.

Moreover, this leadership course is aimed at a labour environment, but it can also be applied in other aspects of life. Being an introvert person, I have always had trouble when having a conversation over the phone or even when having a face to face with any unknown person. However, after taking this course, I feel more comfortable in these daily situations and I am confident that my stress level has decreased significantly, improving therefore my life quality. (I would change the whole paragraph. Not clear what kind of course it was. You should clarify that in paragraph one)

I cannot thank you enough for organising this course. It has significantly helped me in many ways, and I am thankful for that. I hope you keep up the good work.

Yours faithfully, (Why so formal? You started the letter with Dear Diana, as if she was your friend)

Wednesday, 4 July 2018

CPE Article on Gap Year

Hi Gustavo,

I hope you are doing fine! Could you please take a look at my article? I did not perform well in the last one so I expect to have learnt from my mistakes and do better in the present one 😊

You can find the task attached to this e-mail. 



You have been asked to write an article for Job Prospects magazine, a publication for 18-30 year olds, on the following topic:

How taking a gap year*can enhance your career prospects.

*A gap year is a break usually taken between leaving school/college and starting university, and is seen as a valuable way to gain work experience and life skills.

You should focus on the types of job and leisure opportunities for young people taking a gap year in your country (or a country that you know well), the types of skills that can be gained and the likely value of these to potential employers.

Write the article for the readers of the magazine (around 280 - 320 words).


Nowadays, taking a gap year is becoming a popular trend among young people. Not only does it constitute a way to escape from the daily routine, but also provides young people with a great opportunity to learn new skills in preparation for their future jobs.

The easiest option to gain experience and learn useful skills in a gap year is volunteering to do social work. Volunteers have the opportunity to gain a huge amount of valuable experiences, as helping other human or animal beings or animals is so an enriching experience. Also, they usually learn how to deal with different types of people soft skills, an ability which may be regarded as useful in jobs such as hotel receptionist or project manager, where social abilities and empathy are almost compulsory. Even so, volunteers should always bear in mind that volunteering is not paid, which would be its most discouraging feature. means thez will have to ask their parents for financial support.

Another option to consider is to travel abroad and engage in the Au Pair community. Au Pairs are usually hosted by foreign families in exchange of services, which often include looking after the family’s children. The Au Pair programme has the advantage that the applicants are paid for their services and have the chance to attend a language course. This way, Au Pairs can learn a foreign language as they are immersed in the target culture, broadening their horizons, learning about cultures other than theirs and boosting their own confidence. Being fluent in foreign languages and having a high self-steem are qualities which definitely will help these young people when looking for a job in the future.

Of course, taking a gap year is a personal decision. We should weigh its pros and cons at an individual level before making any decision, but in the light of its many personal and professional benefits, parents should encourage their children to take a gap year in order to take a step forward in their journey to maturity.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Overcoming Writer´s Block

This article is originally published by Descript.
If you’re a writer — of books, essays, scripts, blog posts, whatever — 
you’re familiar with the phenomenon: the blank screen, a looming deadline,
and a sinking feeling in your gut that pairs poorly with the jug of coffee you drank earlier.

CPE 2018 Letter to the editor Sample and feedback

Hi Gustavo,

Hope you are doing well. I am taking my CPE exam this July, soI would be very grateful if you could review the writing that I attach to this email.

It is a letter to an editor (part 2 of the test), that should address the following points:

1) it should be about the topic of friendship;
2) it should mention a friendship that is special for me;
3) it should contain my opinion on the difficulties in mantaining frienships through time and changing circumstances.

Thank you very much!

Kind regards,

Feedback in red

Dear Editor,

I am writing in reply to the article about friendship that was featured in the last issue of your magazine and to which readers were invited to respond presenting their views on the topic. Therefore, I would like to share some of my thoughts on this subject with the magazine’s your readers.