Eager beaver idiom
Eager beaver.
Example: He works really hard. He´s an eager beaver.


no spring chicken idiom
No spring chicken.
Example: The new teacher is no spring chicken. She must be 40 or 50.

Every dog has its day idiom

Every dog has its day.
Example: Don´t lose heart. You will get a job eventually. Every dog has its day.

like a fish out of water idiom
Feel like a fish out of water.
Example: All his classmates have girlfriends and he doesn´t. He is starting to feel like a fish out of water.

Have bigger fish to fry idiomHave bigger fish to fry.
Example: He broke up with me but I´m not going to sit down and cry over it. I am really busy and honestly I have bigger fish to fry.

Eat like a horse idiom

Eat like a horse.
Example: I´m worried about her health. She eats far too much. She eats like a horse!

A wolf in sheep´s clothing.
a wolf in sheep´s clothing idiomExample: I wouldn´t trust him if I was you.   I think he´s a wolf in sheep´s clothing.

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