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Are young people given too much too soon in their lives? We don’t just mean famous youngsters, we mean youngsters in general. Are they spoilt? Do their parents indulge them too much? Is it better for them to go without certain things so that they learn the value of having to struggle to get what they want? Are they given the impression that life is easy because it is too easy for them? Or is it the opposite in a lot of cases? Is life too much of a struggle for too many youngsters? 

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                                   Too much too young?

Today parents are definitively different from those of yesterday when it comes to educating their offspring. I strongly believe that youngsters are over spoiled and parents too much indulgent.

Young people are obviously more and more influenced by their environment and the media resulting in a more demanding generation of children than in the past. Today watching fussy kids in a shop making scenes is pretty common. They make their parents buy them the latest trendy gadget even if they cost an arm and a leg.

I have witnessed this on several occasions and always wonder why is it that parents accept to give them everything they want. This can be due to the fact that today parents are too busy working away from home, and feel guilty not to be with their kids or not doing enough for them, so they try to compensate their love with presents.

I remember the time when I was young, I contented myself with just my colour pencils, drawing, playing with my dolls or outside with some friends. But luckily my family was always there to play with me. I have them, and it was more important than any material thing.

Another reason why I think parents spoil their children is because they want to give them a good quality of life. They have good intentions, I mean, wishing the best for their children is legitimate, but giving them all for free certainly doesn´t teach them to be responsible in life nor to work hard to achieve their goals, nor to be thankful for what they receive. These spoilt children probably even ignore that in the world there are many poor children who have no toys to play with.

The way I see it parents should teach their children real values like hard-work and solidarity from a young age, rather than spoiling them with too many, many time useless, material things.

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