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free time caeAn international research group is carrying out an investigation into changing trends in the way young people spend their free time. You have been asked to write a report about the situation in your country.

Write your report in 220- 260 words

Report on the changing trends in the way young people in France spend their free time.

The purpose of this report is to show how the new leisure trends have highly changed the way young people in France spend their free time.

From past to present
If we take a step  some  years backwards  young people used to spend their free time outdoors playing football, biking, or making friends. Today these recreational activities only belong to the past having been replaced by video games, television, and the new technologies. The digital revolution has really brought about a big change in the way people spend their free time.

A blessing in disguise 
The new generations are born and have grown up in a world governed by the media and computers. It is estimated that about 65% of young people in France, ranged between 18 and 25, spend at least 13 hours per week on the internet. They search for information, download music, play games, chat with friends and use the social networks. This, however, might be a blessing in disguise as statistics also show that this generation of young people read more, socialise more, and gets better marks at school.


There is a clear preference for young people to spend time with the computer instead of doing sport outside. However, this is not so terrible news.  Our study indicates that today’s young people read more than our parents did in the past and are much more involved in participating actively in on-line and real life communities.

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