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Upstream Proficiency by Evans and DooleyYou are a member of a cinema society which regularly reviews new films in its newsletter. Write a review for the newsletter, describing the last film you have seen and saying whether you would recommend it to other members of the society. Your review should focus on the main points of the film and give the readers a clear idea of what it is about : 280-320 words

Magic in the moonlight 

"Magic in the moonlight", released in 2014 and directed by Woody Allen, is a whimsical romance film set in the 20s in the South of France. Stanley, an illusionist played by Colin Firth, is commissioned to uncover the charming medium Sophie Baker, played by Emma Stone.

It all begins with the introduction of the main character: Stanley. He is a worldwide-known magician who can instantly make an elephant disappear and teleport his assistant from a sarcophagus to a pivoting chair. So magical are his tricks that his audience always remains spellbound after his shows. Standly accepts a job proposal from his old friend Howard Burkan (Simon McBurney) to unmask Sophie Baker, a woman accused of cheating and trying to steal money from a rich family.

The plot circles then around Sophie, a so-called swindler who pretends to be gifted with exceptional mind-reading skills, and Standey, who will try to unveil the mystery of her tricks and discover if she is a phony.

The brilliantly directed plot of the movie is accompanied with touching acting and excellent dialogues. Exceptional is also the work of Colin Firth as Stanley. Another aspect to highlight is the setting: The sublimeness of the scenery and costumes along with the jazzy music background immediately takes us back to the 20s.

"Magic in the moonlight" is undeniably if not a masterpiece, one of the best pieces of work by Woody Allen. The story is charming and well-worth seeing. Whether you are interested in magic or not, this is definitively a thought-provoking film which can teach the viewer something about the powers of illusion.

By Syb

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