Sunday, 30 September 2012

Report on the Annual Student Games in London


The aim of this report is to describe my experience of attending the Annual Student Games in London, which took place in August of this year. This report will also give some recommendations for the organisation of next year´s event in Lima, Perú.

Accommodation, food and transport

Finding cheap accommodation in London was firmly easy. There were plenty of youth hostels and bed and breakfasts available, which offered incredible discounts to Latin American students. And, as breakfasts and dinners were included, I only had to worry about paying for lunch (8-10 dollars a day).
Travelling through London was not difficult. There were special buses which could take you for free to the venues of the sporting events.

The social programme

The event lasted a week and was packed with enthusiastic young people. Universities from all over the world sent their "champion Olympians" to participate in track and field, football, basketball and swimming competitions.
The highlight of the event was, of course, the closing ceremony, in which the winners were presented with a medal and a posy by no other than the Queen herself.


The organisers of the event had the innovative idea of announcing the schedule for the games via e-mail, as 99% of students use smart phones and iphones. However, there was a problem with the wifi signal in some parts of the city, which made internet connectivity slow and in some cases impossible.

Recommendations for next year´s games

I strongly recommend we follow in the London´s organising committee footsteps and offer accommodation, food and transport facilities to foreign students. I also believe we can adopt their communication-via-mobile-phone idea, but we have to make sure we will have a good wifi signal available in all the youth hostels and b&bs.
Finally I suggest we invite a huge celebrity or very important political figure to be present in the closing ceremony.

Gustavo Albarracín

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  1. Thanks for Your help :) Your sample really gave me an idea of how proper report should look like. Fingers crossed for my June's CPE exam!

  2. I´m glad you find my blog useful. The best of luck for the exam.