Wednesday, 2 March 2016

2016 CPE Essay sample

Cambridge English Proficiency for updated exams 1

Essay on the importance of food

In our stressful society it is a hard task to find the time to cook  healthy meals on a daily basis. The two texts dive into the topic of food and well-being, forwarding the idea that food should be a way to reunite families and friends together.
Food has undenieably a social function. A mouth-watering meal can be the perfect excuse to gather friends around a table and for colleagues to get to know more about each other. And as for couples, a cosy dinner is the perfect scenario to make plans about the future and to talk about their feelings. There is a strong association between food and warm sentiments, like love.
But food is also deeply-routed in every country’s culture. This is easy to exemplify by talking about tortilla, which is a traditional Spanish dish present on each of their especial occasions. On the same way, when we think about tacos, we think about Mexico, and when we think about sausages we think about Germany. Food is also an ambassador of culture.
The second text takes our attention towards a worrying phenomenon,  fast-food. A hectic work-all-the-time reality means that we do no longer have time to cook healthily or to share meal conversations with friends.
To my mind, convenient foods are not so "convenient" as they do not provide the necessary nutrients that we need to consume a day, ans also  because a "fast meal" can not complete with a long-lasting satisfying conversation with friends. At the end of the day, aren’t human social animals?

WORDS: 270
Submitted by Javi Mañas.

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