Sunday, 2 October 2016

Writing Practice: CPE exam 2017 Article Sample

Submitted by: Maria Victoria Ferrer

Maria Victoria is preparing to take the CPE exam in 2017. 


From the book: Towards Proficiency. By Peter May. OxfordMy country and the sea
A college magazine has asked students for articles about the present-day importance of the sea to their country.
Write an article for this magazine, with the title My country and the Sea
Write aprox 200 words

My country and the sea (200 words)

In Argentina, the ocean isn’t  just for taking a dip in the summer or surfing the waves for fun. There is a lot more to the salty H2O than you might think.

The sea is a key route of transportation for commercial goods that other nations purchase from us, such as meat, fruit and vegetables. The Port of Buenos Aires, which the biggest in the country, is the main spot where most of the trading takes place: the loading of ships, the paperwork and the customs operations, for instance. The Atlantic is a major source of foreign currency income, which keeps the economy flowing.

Fishing also provides the country with an important sum of money. Anchovies, tuna and mackerel are taken out of water in huge amounts and processed in factories to transform into canned food.

Last but not least, tourism is another one of the perks of having a large sea coast. People from neighbour countries with no ocean come over to visit, to enjoy a swim and have a taste of the mouth-watering deep fried squid rings, a famous dish in our country.

Overall, the sea is one of the nation’s greatest assets. It provides food, work and entertainment. It is one of the most perfect natural resources, if you ask me.

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