Friday, 4 November 2016

CPE 2017 Letter to the editor Sample ( Formal Writing )

Dear CPESamplewritings, could you please correct my "Letter to the Editor" sample for the CPE exam? I unfortunately do not have the task in hand.
Best Regards
Maria L

Letter to the Editor Sample 

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am writing in response to the article in last Sunday's edition of your magazine regarding readers' recent experiences of making an important decision. Thus, I would like to comment on this subject by talking about a significant decision I had to make not long ago when I had to decide about between staying in my hometown or moving to a different place to start a new life altogether.
First of all I believe that it is worth noting that, sometimes in life, we are confronted with difficult decisions. Whether these involve love, work, personal relationships or relocation, a tough call is implied. I recently found myself in one of this unconfortable uncomfortable positions when I had to choose between continuing with my life as it had been for a long time (working in an English school, and a fulfilling but long distance relationship) or moving in with my partner yet in a different city and starting to look for a job from point zero.

As far as I am concerned, I must say that I do not regret my decision of relocating in the slightest. I had to be the one taking the plunge instead of my partner as he already enjoyed a permanent position at work and I did not. Yet, had I known back then the consequences of moving home I would have done so much sooner. Not only do I feel happier with my life now as the move has boosted our already commited committed relationship, but it has also allowed me to discover a fantastic and vibrant place and to meet new people in doing so.
Notwisthstanding the usual fears when it comes to giving up your work and having to start all over again (usually in an unknown job market and with no contacts whatsoever). As experienced has shown me, it is never too late, or too soon, to give your career a second chance and to enhance your cv with new and unexplored possibilities. After all, althought although starting again is a daunting prospect, you never know what you may find. It might end up being a  whole lot better that what you left behind!
Yours faithfully
Maria  Full Name (Formal)

Regarding feedback:
Dear Maria L, unfortunately it is not possible to give you feedback without the task. However, the style, grammar and vocabulary seem to be highly appropriate. I do have the impression that the letter is too long, but once again we can not be sure without the task.

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