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CPE free writing correction and feedback 2017

Hi Gustavo! :)

The moment I found this website I realized that it would definitely help me improve my writing skills as I can get to see the way in which other candidates approach different tasks and compare them with mine, but when I found out that you were also correcting writing papers, I was just delighted.

I would very much like for you to take a look at my essay and briefly comment on it as I haven’t really gotten anyone to check one of mine and was curious as to whether I’m doing them correctly.

If you were kind enough to do that, I’d forever be grateful! :)

Nicolás Procopio


Read the two texts below. Write an essay summarizing and evaluating the key points from both texts. Use your own words throughout as far as possible, and include your own ideas in your answers. Write your answer in 240 – 280 words.

Fashion is full of contradictions

It is beyond dispute that fashions plays an important role in social and cultural life today. Since it has such power, it is natural that questions are asked about its role in society. The fashion industry has always said that it gives people the freedom to express their unique individuality, even to experiment with alternative identities. However, critics argue that fashion dictates to society what should be considered beautiful and elegant, and ultimately encourages everyone, especially the young, to dress in similar ways. It is this very ambiguity that makes fashion fascinating and which can also provoke hostility.

Is fashion for everyone?

There will always be those who say that fashion is trivial and that obsession with it is the sign of a second-rate mind. But despite this, it is hard to believe people who say that they are not interested in what they wear. They may mean they are not interested in fashion, and believe that following the latest trends is a waste of time. They look for comfort and a reasonable fit in the clothes they buy, and that is sufficient. However, there is something shallow about asserting you don’t care what you look like, because in your heart of hearts you know it isn’t true. Appearances do matter, when, most of the time, they are all we have to go on.

My essay:

(no Title?)

Both texts consider how important a role fashion plays in our current society. (Feedback: Intro is too short, make it at least 2-4 lines long)

The first text is concerned with the apparent sense of independence that fashion gives us. It essentially argues that even though some people believe that fashion is an amazing way to express themselves and show the world their true colors, in the end, it is nothing but a subtle way to tell people what is socially acceptable and what is not. The writer seems to be of the opinion that this paradox is what makes fashion one of the most controversial topics in the world. (Feedback: The ideas in the first and second sentences seem no to be connected. Idea in sentence 3 is not clear enough for me: what paradox? )

Unlike the first text, the second one outlines the underlying significance of fashion in our world. It is mentioned that although some may argue that they do not care about fashion, deep down we all do. The author also emphasizes the importance of ‘appearances’, which I completely agree with, given that nowadays we live in a very materialistic world where personality is constantly overlooked. (Feedback: the second one outlines the underlying significance of fashion in our world? what do you mean by that? I don't think your paragraph really captures the essence of text two)

To sum up, I believe that fashion is definitely a force to be reckoned with, since over the past few decades it has become one of the biggest industries in the entire world. There is no denying that fashion has its own hierarchy full of categories which people fall into, regardless of their sex, race or religion. However, I’m inclined to believe that the benefits of fashion far outweigh its potential downsides, as it allows us to be ourselves and promotes self-expression – in its own twisted way. (Feedback: Make your conclusion shorter. 3-5 lines should be more than ok).

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