Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Free CPE Writing correction and feedback 2017

Hello Gustavo,

I have been visiting your blog website very often since I started working on my writing part of the CPE exam. I have struggled with creating a template for articles as I thought this might safe time but I haven't managed to succesfully put one together.

For that reason if you were so kind to look at an article I wrote as I haven't had the chance for anyone to look over it.

Lucia CH


An English languange magazine is running a series on the topic of happiness. You decide to send in an article. You shoud briefly describe one or two situations in which you have expreienced a sense of happiness. you should also analyse what contributes to feelings of happiness for many people, and suggest whether the pursuit of happiness is a worthwhile aim. Write your article


There is something soothing about the repetitive sound of a photocopier printing endlessly and its corresponding dancing light. It was when I first paid full attention to this situation's nuances that I realised I was experiencing happiness. Or is this too much of a big word to use in this case? (Feedback: I personally find the photocopier example a little odd. I would probably have written something about watching children play or a flower blossom, or sth like that...)

Nowadays we are engrossed in a speedy life which leaves little room for noticing small things, let alone the chance to enjoy them. BUt this might be the cause for a never-ending search for happiness.

Since that realisation moment, whenever I think of a happy time I recall the simplicity of the situation. Such as the sunlight filtering through the buildings into my skin when waiting at the bus stop in a summer afternoon or even the warmth of a bunch of people traveling on a train in the middle of a cold winter are details that if noticed can offer happiness. In my opinion, life's small peasures have the potential to add up and provide us with a constant happy feeling. 

This thought might appear idealistic, and trust me I am aware of how fairytale-like it may sound. Samll worries in our lives might become a constant nag and therefore stand in the way preventing us from seeing beyond them. Likewise, bigger problems in life can take up most of our thinking time quite reasonably. All of those will jeopardise our search for happiness which will make us feel unfulfilled. It may often appear that we are in a constant rough ride, however it is all down to how we face these struggles in life. It may all be down to looking at life through the right lens. Rather than thinking of happiness as a dead-end aim, we might be better off by seeing it as a journey. Surely life istelf is a journey too!

Overall, my conclusion is that the key to everyone's happiness lays on being present and letting go of major constricting expectations. Finding contentment in the here and now would give anyone the perfect intention to work towards a happier existence.


Dear Lucia, unfortunately I do not have a positive feedback for you. I have the feeling that you started on the right way and lost your way.

You were supposed to describe ( in detail ) one or two situations in which you experiences happiness. Then write about what usually means happiness to people ( example, success, money, love? ) and then suggest if it is a good idea to "look for happiness".

In my opinion you did not write what you were supposed to write.

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