Wednesday, 19 November 2014


You recently tried to buy an old camera on an internet auction site but had some problems. You want to tell your friend what happened. Write a letter to your friend explaining what happened, what you did and giving your friend advice about buying things on auction sites.

Write your letter 220-260 words

Dear Jenny,

How are you doing ? It seems it has been ages since we last wrote to each other. I just hope everything is fine with you.  Let me tell you about a terrible experience I had trying to buy a camera via an auction site.

You remember how fond I am of old cameras, right? Well, I spot this one on a website. This was no ordinary camera, this is the camera I had long wanted to complete my collection. So, without hesitation,  I bid for it until it was mine. I  was on seventh heaven. I sent a juicy cheque to the seller and was confident to receive the valuable item.

But days passed  and you know what? I didn't receive it. And the worst thing is that my cheque had been cashed already. There’s no doubt I had been coined .

So I decided to write to the owner without success. I was so blue in the face that  I complained to the website which in return said that they couldn’t control sellers and that it was the bidders to watch their backs. They weren’t  sympathic whatsoever!

I really blame myself for having been so naive . Believe me, I’ve learnt a lesson from it . If you decide to buy in an auction site, don't trust anyone. It is better to contact the owner via the web and then make the money transaction face to face.

Have you ever bid on an auction website ? Drop me a line and tell me how it was, I’m sure you can give me a few tips.

With love,


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