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Write an essay discussing two of the methods in your notes. You should explain which method you think is more important for governments to consider, and provide reasons to support your opinion.
Methods of minimising the use of fossil fuels
Increasing taxes of petrol
Increasing the number of nuclear energy
Some opinions expressed in the discussion
‘Is the technology for recycling adequatedly developed?’
‘Increased taxation will not be a sufficient deterrent’

‘Nuclear energy is too risky’

How fossil fuels should be limited?

The impact of fossil fuels in our society has rencently been discussed the question of the impact that fossil fuels have had in our society. ( Feedback: where? by who? why? )In this essay I will put forward some ideas to cut down the use of these nonrenewable energies.(Why should we cut them down?)

The most important point to outline is the recycling technique. As more and more people are becoming aware of the consequences in the environment resulted from their actions, it has led to a more responsible behaviour. However, some people have expressed their worries regarding the question of the suitability of technology to deal with this matter. Despite the fact that technology plays an important role in minimising some disposals, it is uncertain the ways in which technology is reduced.

Turning to a different point, the traditional appeal to rise the prices of petrol has resulted in being inefficent at preventing people form using their vehicles. Whereas, people should be rewarded for undertaking mesuarements that contribute to preserve our environment. It would be advisable not only punishing people for using fossil fuels, but also rewarding people who opt for other sources of energy such as electricity or gas. This is in my opinion the most important point for government to consider as it wil led to a considerable improvement in the fight against pollution.

The outcome is clear that as long as the government take care of these implementations (re-check), it will result in enormous advances in our society and a meaninful change as well. (Re-think and re-write the conclusion. )

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