Saturday, 23 June 2012

CPE sample writing: Proposal on how to improve the students´ diet


The aim of this proposal is to provide recommendations for helping students improve their diet. The ideas presented in this document have been taken from the students´ suggestion box, which is in the entrance of the school restaurant.

Current situation

There is an urgent need for information among the students, who know very little about nutrition. furthermore most of them have never developed their cookery skills, which results in them having greasy snacks and fattening sodas for lunch. While the students´restaurant and coffee bars are popular, they do not have a wide selection of healthy meals or snacks.

Providing information

It would be a good idea to organise a talk by a dietician on what food young people should eat to keep fit and healthy. I also suggest starting a poster campaign at the school promoting the intake of fruit and vegetables. The posters can be displayed in the gym as well as on the boards of the library and the classrooms. It would be advisable to run a free course aimed at improving the students´ cookery skills. This could be done after classes as most students are free between three and five in the afternoon.

The school´s restaurant and the menu

The meals offered in the on-site food facilities are either unhealthy, normally chips and burgers, or nutritional but tasteless. It would be advisable to improve the selection of dishes to provide more attractive healthy options. This would result in more students having lunch in teh school restaurant and fewer students suffering from health problems and eating disorders.


There should be no delay in organising the provision of information to students. Plans for improvements in the school restaurant and coffee bars should be set in motion as soon as possible.

Gustavo Albarracín

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