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CPE Essay: Computers, friends or enemies?

CPE Writing task: After a class discussion on computers and the future, your English teacher has asked you to write an essay entitled "Computers: friends or enemies?" for her and your classmates to read.
Computers: Friends or enemies? (title)
There has come a time in which we have become too dependent on computers. We rely on them to do very delicate tasks like controlling space vessels and under-water fast trains, but we also need them to perform ridiculous others such as calculating a two-digit equation. It is yet to be known whether computers will prove to be our best friends who will make our lives easier or an enemy who will take over our places as we become useless and lazy.

Picture from the film
"A Hitchhiker´s guide to the galaxy."
(P1 Arguments pro computers)
On one hand these machines do wonders when it comes to saving up time; take travelling or printing for instance. In ancient times people would have to walk for days to go from one village to another and books had to be handwritten. Furthermore computers are used for medical reseach and was it not for them the cure for many deadly diseases would not have been discovered. They have also proved themselves invaluable in physics, chemistry and biology, where numerous experiments on DNA and even cloning are currently being carried out.

(P2 Arguments against computers)
On the other hand we have grown so fond of technology and gadgets that we do not even use our memories to store basic information such as our telephone numbers any more. What for, if we can record them in our pocket-size laptops. but even more worryingly is the fact that the development of artificial intelligence and the creating of superintelligent robots could result in a world which is controlled by computers.

Even when these arguments may seem exaggerated and we may not think we are at a real risk of ending up living in a world which is entirely dominated by computers - the way it happens in science fiction B movies-, I do fear we might become so dependent on them that our abilities would be diminished. So as I see it perhaps it would be a good idea to go back to counting with fingers.

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