Saturday, 22 February 2014

CPE Speaking Paper- Videos

The Cambridge Proficiency in English exam has 4 components, none of which should be neglected. These are Reading and Use of English, Writing, Listening and Speaking. In Cpesamplewritings we are experts in essays, articles and letters but we believe in the importance of preparing for the speaking part of the CPE exam as well. 

CPE Paper 4 Speaking / Info about the exam

The exam is divided into three parts, and it lasts approximately 15 minutes.

In Part 1 of the exam the interlocutor asks each student a question or a couple of questions about their life or background.

Part 2 of the exam is a two-way conversation between candidates. Candidates are given prompts in different topics such as the environment, economy, the media, etc to talk about. Their ability to evaluate, speculate and give opinions is tested.

Part 3 of the exam is know as the long turn or the solo part. Here each candidate takes turns to answer a written question and is asked to talk non-stop for about 3 minutes.

Videos of the Speaking Paper

There are a some videos available on Youtube for you to watch:

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