Friday, 4 April 2014

CPE Sample Writing: The Perfect Storm (film review)

The Perfect Storm is a Warner Bros disaster film released in 2000, based on a book by  Sebastien Junger. It portrays the story of a fishing ship called the Andrea Gail, which has the misfortune of being trapped in the most terrible storm ever.

This drama takes place in October 1991 in Gloucester, Massachusset. After several deceiving fishing seasons, Captain Bobby Tyne, magnificently played by George Clooney, convinces his crew to head out far in the cold Atlantic Ocean in search for fish. Ignoring the warnings of the imminent arrival of a hurricane Tyne insists on breaking into the North Atlantic, the Flemish Cap where they have to face inclement weather. All of a sudden they get trapped in gigantic swirling waves.

The beginning of the film is disappointingly slow moving, a quietness holds us back for one hour or so. However, things get better as disaster knocks on their doors: here it comes the storm of the century with its breath-taking special effects which almost makes you seasick. The digital images are so awe-inspiring and realistic that they carry us into this disaster, swamp us with fear, and root us to the spot, you may surprise yourself by clinging on to your armchair at the view of the nightmarish raising sea.

Even though the different personalities of the actors lead to on-board conflict, this crew definitively display a great courage and a strong team spirit struggling with torrent and against their fate. The dialogues and the soundtrack choice are well in accordance with the subject giving it more suspense.
The Perfect Storm is quite simply an outstanding and really worth–watching. I recommend it to all kinds of people but especially to the ones who are fond of special effects, which in this case are superb.
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