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CAE June 2016 Essay Sample

Your class has watched a studio discussion about factors which have contributed to the recent increase in international travel. You have made the notes below:
Factors contributing to the increase in international travel:
  • methods of transport
  • global business
  • media
Some opinions expressed in the discussion:
It’s quicker to fly abroad than to take a train to the north of my country!”
My company has offices in 12 different countries.”
People have developed a love of other cultures through TV and film.”
Write an essay for your tutor discussing two of the factors in your notes. You should explain which factor has contributed more to the increase in international travel, providing reasons to support your opinion.
You may, if you wish, use the opinions expressed in the discussion, but you should use your own words as far as possible.

Essay on International Travel

It goes without saying that there has been a recent increase in international travel. More and more people are now grabbing their passports and travelling the world. There are two key factors that have contributed to this phenomenon: New technologies and global business.

The development of aeroplane science has undoubtedly had an enormous effect on people’s view on international travel. Advances in engineering make it now possible for the average citizen to travel around the world safely, while the big demand on flight tickets means there are more airlines in the market and people have the possibility to find fair offers. To the point that spending holidays abroad is now considered normal, not luxurious.

Globalisation has also played a significant role in the increase in international travel. In fact, many companies have decided to build new headquarters and offices in other countries, hoping it will help them deal with international relationships. As a result, many people find themselves commuting by aeroplane or train on a regular basis: they work in London but live in France, for example.

When comparing both of the factors listed above to decide which has contributed more to the increase in interntional travel, I conclude that it is the emergence of new transport techonologies. Globalisation of business has played its role too but not every single person works in a multinational company. It is fast and safe cheap flights abroad which makes people want to travel more and make companies consider the idea of doing business outside their borders.

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