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Taken from Cambridge Englsh Proficiency 1 by Cambirdge ESOL 2012

Essay on the importance of food

Undeniably, food plays a mayor role in our society. People´s interest in food is evident in the popularity of cooking TV shows such as Master Chef. However, hectic as life is nowadays, there is very little time for families to make home-made meals and share time around a table. So, what is the importance of food? The following essay summarises the main ideas of two texts in this topic. 
Thorsten Muller Koln Deutschland
To begin with, it is necessary to state that consuming food is more than just satisfying a biological need. A shared meal is a perfect way to tighten bonds, to celebrate special occasions, and even to show someone how much we care for them. In addition to this, good food is healthy. Family doctors advise strongly to consume diets rich on vegetables and fruit. But not only this, in a bigger scale, food is even a national symbol, and can be linked to a society's identity. Take for example the tapas in Spain, which symbolise the Spanish joy for friendship, party and life. 

Finding a way to combine good, slow, healthy food with our busy fast moving lives is tricky, but very important. Millions opt for the easy already-made-meals available in shops 24/7, which enables them to spare essential time for other "more important" activities, but to my mind this is not correct. It is my belief that in the fast moving world that we live in, it is of fundamental importance to find quality time for each other and to cook daily meals with the whole family present. This can help us to deepen and reafirm the bonds that we hold with each other.

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