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Your class has had a discussion about the negative effects of globalisation on local culture. You have made the notes below:
Effects of globalisation:
  • the dominance of the western music/film industry.
  • the loss of national identity.
  • the undermining of values of a local culture.
Write an essay discussing TWO of the effects listed in your notes. You should explain which effect is more important, giving reasons in support of your answer.

The effects of globalisation

Undoubtedly, globalisation dominates our society in many aspects, such as the economy and culture. In a way or another, all nations are affected by this global phenomenon, sometimes in positive, but also in not so positive ways. The following essay aims to focus on the negative effects of globalisation on the local cultures.

To begin with an example of how globalisation has an impact on a country's culture, let's bring the topic of Music into discussion. There is a world wide expansion of western music, and countries have different reactions towards it. In France it is prohibited to  broadcast more than 20% of English songs. Maybe there is a national fear of losing their own identity. A second example regards the film industry. Films represent the western style of life, they are regarded as uter inocent fun, but it may be the case that they impose models of supposedly good/desirable lifestyle patterns.

There is a feeling that this slow and capillar penetration leads to the loss of national identity. Constant dropping wears away a stone, as the saying goes. One final exam concernes teenagers and the language they use. Is the use of anglicismos a threat to linguistic identity? The next step for us as a society is to reflect on the negative impacts that globalisation may have in our societies, and if they can in  long term have a bad impact in our national values system.

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