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You read the following in an international magazine :

Poverty exists in almost every country and the difference between the rich and the poor is growing all the time. What can we do about the situation ?
The magazine has asked people to send in ideas in the form of a proposal, suggesting ways of reducing poverty. You decide to send in a proposal

280-320 words

TIP: A proposal should have a title and subtitles. And of course ideas (recommendations/proposals) to solve a problem.

There is usually first: an introductory paragraph and a paragraph to explain the problem or current situation. Then follow the recommendations. There needs to be a conexion between the Current Situation paragraph and the Recommmendation paragraphs.

Proposal on economy inequality in the world

The aim of this proposal is to present ideas on how to tackle the problem of the international growing inequality between the rich and the poor.

Current situation 
The latest statistics show an earth-shattering gap between the rich and the poor with one fifth of the world’s population living beneath the poverty threshold . This gap can be accounted for the changes in the structure of the population and the labour market. The mentioned gap is very evident especially in three aspects: Education, work and income.

In view of the growing number of undereducated people emphasis should be put on education. All the children that will represent the new generation should  be given the chance to pursue studies in higher education. It is also of paramount importance that schools  equip all young people with the skills required to fit with the labour market . (TIP: Say how.) It is necessary for the Government, for example to provide all classrooms with internet and teach students to speak a foreign language.

Inequalities in the labour market is not to be forgotten. Policies to protect the unemployed should be implemented, (tip: give examples) take the example of Germany, where people receive help from the government when they lose their jobs and need to look for a new one.
To promote new working opportunities, the National Employment Agencies can work in close collaboration with businesses and  the Government should grant subventions to any companies  willing to create new jobs and thus help reducing the unemployment rate.

The widening income gap also suggest that measures should be put into effect . Unemployed people should be guaranteed welfare  benefits and also equality of salaries, this is to say for example that men and women who do the same job, should be paid the same amount of money.

It is urgent to implement measures to reduce inequalities. Shall the ideas mention above be taken into consideration, it is my belief the poverty would decrese and there would be a marked improvement in the people’s lives.

340 words

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