Wednesday, 25 May 2016

CPE Exam Sample Article 2016

You are looking through the alumni newsletter of a school that you once attended and you see the following announcement:
What are your best and worst school memories? Write in and tell us and we will publish the most interesting articles in our next newsletter.
Write the article for the editor of the alumni newsletter. (around 280 - 320 words)

The best days of my life

An average person goes to school for at least 13 years. That time gives us a lot from where to choose from. I have myself a never-ending collection of sad and cheerful school memories. Let me embark in a flashback adventure and share some of them with you:

When I think of my worst memory, the first thing that pops into my mind is the first day of school. I was about five years old and back then children were not sent to kindergartens, so this was my very first time alone. I can still see in my head this image of my parents “abandoning me”, leaving me behind with this stranger fat lady and a bunch of unknown noisy kids. I can vividly remember myself thinking why and wondering if perhaps I had been a bad girl.

Ironically this group of playful kids became a family to me. They filled my days with sunshine, and I think I can say we became best friends. Graduating together from school was a poignant moment for us and therefore this is without any doubt my best and happiest memory. I have the photo of that day in my wallet, the boys look incredibly handsome and the girls look splendid.

I still have a very close relationship with most of my female classmates. We meet often and dine together and talk about the days that went back, but we also look ahead and make plans for the future days.

Both positive or negative memories, make me feel nostalgic about my school years. I can honestly state that those were the best days of my life, and wouldn’t want to change a single thing about them.

Sent by Fatme Güdük
Words: 280

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