Monday, 6 June 2016

CPE Sample Essay June 2016

"Proficiency Testbuilder, 4th Edition with Key" by Mark Harrison.

Essay on Adolescence

It is usually said that the most difficult phase of life is adolescence. But although many people would agree that it is a complicated period of time, it has not only negative aspects, but also very positive ones. Both texts focus on adolescence, analysing how it should be regarded, referring in particular to the role that parents have to play.

The first passage argues that adolescence is not only pain and sadness, but also discovery and growth, and in this way the author provides a balanced view of adolescence. Consider for example your first kiss, or your first job, or travelling abroad for the first time. I agree with the author that it is a phase of experimentation and joy, and not only immaturity and confusion, as many other authors normally state.

The author of the second passage focuses on how parents should act during the adolescence of their kids. Parents should be conscious and realise that difficult behavior among teenager is, up to a certain point, normal to be expected. It even goes as far as to suggesting that parents should be careful not to make life even harder for their children. However, I don't totally agry with the author when he says that parents should be understanding and avoid all anger and severity. I believe that sometime parents need to be really strict to prevent their kids from doing dangerous actions.

In conclusion, I would agree that adolescence is a phase of growth, which has not only troubles, but also discovery and good times. Regarding the role of the parents, they have the duty to help their children, being strict and severe when necessary.

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