Sunday, 31 July 2016

CPE exam 2016 Article Sample

Submitted by Elena Malykh
# words: 240

The Unibaken museum in Stockholm

Located in the city center, on an island, this museum looks like a small railway station, but was actually the house of Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren, who became a household name in the 1920s for writing riveting books for children like "Pipilongstokey", the red-haired naughty girl with super-strength powers.

The Unibaken is not the typical museum with exhibits on display which young people find boring, but a really brand-new and very interactive experience. There is an educational play-room for children which looks like a miniature Nordic town, there is a theater for adults playing classic movies, and a library and audio collection of the best works of Astrid Lindgren.  

I still remember visiting the museum for the first time and travelling in the Story Train. While making this trip I enjoyed looking at the fantastic sets created by the museum´s designers and listening to the audios about the heroes of Astrid Lindgren´s stories and the world where they live. I was immediately transported to an imaginary world made just for children. 

For this and for many other reasons, my husband and I are big fans of the Unibaken and come every time we are in town. I can say without hesitation that it  is worth a visit. Not only is it one of the main attractions in Stockholm -daily visited by residents and tourists-, but a one of a kind mueum in all Europe, and a reason for Sweden to feel proud of.

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