Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Preparing for the CPE exam? Sample Essay Proficiency 2016

Submitted by Anna Baryshnikova
# of Words: 240

Essay on food

exem de proficiency
Food consumption is a central element for individuals and societies. Both passages analyse food from a series of different angles: meals as a way to get people together, cousine as a symbol of national pride, and home-made meals as a nutritious alternative to eating.

The first text states “a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled”. And I totally agree with this statement. Many psychologists and coaches rank shared-meals as the number one way to create bonds between friends, lovers and families. But it goes even beyond individuals to a much wider national level.  National recipes carry the countries´s favourite flavours and are a vehicle for emotions and even culture, which is passed from one generation to the other. 

The second text addresses the popularity of ready-to-go meals, and questions its healthiness. Undeniably the fast pace of our current lifestyle means people having less time for caring about slow-food and nutrition. However, doctors warn of possible health perils because of junk food and suggest going back to homemade dishes. The second text also defines homemade meals as a chance to express care and affection to our friends and family.

In conclusion, food plays a very important rol in our lives, both as individuals and as a society. Hectic as current modern lifestyles are, it is important to take the time to embrace traditional recipies, cook and just sit down to unwind with our beloved ones. 

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