Monday, 25 July 2016

Preparation for the CPE Exam. Sample of Article - Proficiency level 2016

Submitted by Mayra Badariotti Pagani
#Words: 310

You recently attended a discussion about the environment. You found the discussion engaging and have decided to write an article for a magazine. Make comments on these points giving your own point of view:

-  Tourism can have a destructive influence on the environment.
- Climatic patterns are a yet another manifestation of global warming.
- The effects noise can have on you

Time for Change

essay cpe test
We live in a planet we do not care for. We are aware of the serious effects our negligent behaviour has on the environment, our health and the well-being of the future generations. 
So why do we persist in our self- destructive attitudes?

The Earth is showing us warning signs: floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis –among many other natural disasters- are devastating our planet. Experts warn that climate patters are changing due to global warming, which is caused by us humans polluting of the environment. Think, for instance, how we ruin tourist attractions and spoil landmarks, dumping our rubbish anywhere or writing with aerosol every blank space we find.  Think, for example, how much waste we produce throughout our lifetime and how little we do to recycle it.

Irresponsible human behaviour is not only detrimental for our own planet, but also for our own health. Our bodies are speaking for themselves and giving signs, since new and strange illnesses are exterminating thousands of people. It seems that these diseases are produced by a number of factors, such as food contaminated with pesticides or noise produced by machines and vehicles. Noise pollution is a type of contamination, and the effects it can have on our health are unimaginable: they range from noise-induced hearing loss to cardiovascular effects and an increased incidence of coronary artery disease. So what are we waiting to change our lifestyles and habits?

All in all, I am convinced that humans’ practices and customs are far from being eco-friendly and sustainable, so we ought to call for a change in attitudes now. Keep your sweets’ wrappers until you get home, use your bike instead of your car, choose cloth bags when you go shopping and make use of renewable energies at home. We only have one planet to live it. Take care of it. You can make the difference.

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