Friday, 14 October 2016

Article Sample for the CPE Proficiency in English Cambridge exam 2017

Submitted by Maria Victoria Ferrer

What are the attractions of going on a cruise?
Write an article discussing this topic. Be sure you talk about the facilities, the destinations and the possible effects on your health.
Use between 240-280 words

4 good reasons to go on a cruise 

The way I see it, cruises can be an amazing experience. They have developed such an excellent reputation over the years that it has come to the point that they are the first choice to travel for over 22 million people, according to last year’s statistics. This is not just a coincidence.

First of all, cruices have incredible facilities, such as huge decks which allow passengers to enjoy the spectacular views of the open sea and the sunset, enormous pools filled with clear warm water, and bars just a few steps away from the dormitories. What else can a person ask for?

Secondly, the destinations are always stunning: Tropical cities in the Caribbean or heavenly islands where many activities take place. For the live wires scuba-diving or water skiing, and for the couch potatoes lazy sunbathing plus the opportunity to get to know different cultures. Whatever type of personality you have, you’re most likely to have a whale of a time in a cruise.

Thirdly, there is usually a schedule for socialising activities, such as group dance lessons and aqua-aerobics in the pool. This allows passengers to stay fit while making new friends. 

Last but not least, there is an ´all-you-can-eat´ buffet service with mouth-watering food and an open bar that serves cocktails all day long!

For all these reasons, a cruise ship is a great choice to spend a holiday and have fun while travelling the world.

270 words

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