Wednesday, 19 October 2016

CPE Cambridge Proficiency Exam 2017 Essay Sample

Submitted by Aline Oliveira

Picture is from the book: Cambridge English Proficiency 2.

Essay on the meaning of 


Both texts discuss the meaning of Home, highlighting its importance in different aspects. The first text argues that home is the place where we feel at ease, while the second one supports the idea that, even for people who enjoy going out a lot, the place where they live is always a reflection of its personality.

The first text rises up the argument that people nowadays lead extremely active lives and that for this reason they see their homes as a place where they can escape from stress. Staying in they can connect to themselves and enjoy either a moment of solitude or a nice conversation with their families.

The second text brings up the issue that for some people, life at home may not be as pleasant as the first text suggests. It states that some people have a strong need to interact with others by hanging out a lot in public places. But it doesn't mean that home is not important for them. According to the author, a person´s house can say a lot about its personality. To give an example, the souvenirs in the living room can let us know that the person has an interest in travel.

All in all, both texts provide strong arguments about Home and its essentiality. In the busy and  hectic lives that we all live today, "Home" is to me a kind of sanctuary where I can unwind after a hard day of work and simply be myself. 

Edited by Gustavo Albarracín

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