Friday, 11 November 2016

CPE 2016 Letter to the Editor Correction

Submitted by Maria Labrador
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An English-language magazine is planning a series about  family life in different countries. Readers are invited to send in letters in which they describe a family occasion which was especially memorable and explain its significance in their lives.

Dear Sir/Madam,
            I am writing in response to the article in which you invite readers to send in their experiences of especial family occasions. 
The memory of family occasions is one of our most precious treasures in life due to their unquestionable emotional significance. We are made of memories. Love and family relationships make us as who we are, shaping and modeling us from the inside up to the social responses we provide to others.

My most memorable family occasion is formed by the trip that all the members of my dad's side of the family took to visit me for my graduation ceremony in England. By "all" I mean my 3 aunties, 2 uncles, and eight cousins. Although most of the young ones are frequent travellers, the most senior members of the expedition had only left  their hometown in a handful of occasions, which made the experience especially significant for them. This family trip brought us unforgettable cheerful memories as well as hilarious examples of how difficult it can be to simply get by when you do not know the visited country's language.
I would also like to comment on the reason why the trip was so beloved by us. By means of this trip we all got to share some quality time together, which we were not always able to do because of distance, work and other similar motives. Also, not only did we manage to survive a week-long holiday as a family but also to successfully maneuver the difficulties and stress of taking group decisions such as choosing where to eat for lunch,
To sum up, it is because of all of this why in my case this family trip  constitutes an excellent example of how well things can go (regardless of some minor disagreements, of course) when you all leave your own interests a little aside and focus on spending quality time as a family.
I look forward to reading other readers' views on the subject.
Yours faithfully,

Maria Labrador

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