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CAE Exam 2016 Correction of Essay Sample

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Task comes from the book:  Objective Proficiency (2nd edition)

CAE Essay on Conservation and Biodiversity

Authors of two Both texts evaluate the current challenges in today’s biodiversity address the topic of conservation of the species and biodiversity. They discuss whether it is a good idea to work so hard on protecting the species when it costs the Governments large sums of money. 

The first writer indicates directs the reader’s attention to tigers and states their protection is of vital importance, as they contribute to the right balance of the ecosystem on a worldwide level. According to the text, protecting tigers brings advantages to the human population in various forms  such as reducing land waste and erosion. He also suggests that we need further investment in the protection of other these species are required in order to maintain fauna and flora.  

In contrast, the second text argues that the million-dollar expenses directed to the protection of endangered species such as tigers and pandas aren't worth it. Moreover, the majority of costs are given on protection of those celebrated species such as tiger, panda , etc. The author also acknowledges that the real chances to save them are virtually zero.  At the same time, the author suggests that we should be focusing on helping other animals which have better chances of further survival in today’s tough world. 

I strongly believe that both ideas make sense. However, we shouldn’t forget that each and every species matter to the biodiversity and ecosystems as they are tightly connected with each other.  In conclusion , it is my opinion that we should encourage the protection of all species, despite the the expenses.  

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