Tuesday, 1 November 2016

CPE exam 2017 Essay on Traffic Sample

Submitted by Luísa Matta Machado Fernandes Souza

Task Type: Essay
Read the two texts below.
Write an essay summarising and evaluating the key points from both texts. Use your own words throughout as far as possible and include your own ideas in your answers.
Tackling Traffic Congestion
Policy-makers employ a wide range of measures to tackle the problem of traffic congestion. Enforcement schemes such as setting strict speed limits on major roads and the use of congestion charges in city centres are two such examples as are vehicle exclusion zones or parking restrictions in busy pedestrian areas. However, it also makes sense to encourage motorists to become less reliant on their car. This can be achieved by making public transport more efficient and promoting the benefits of car-sharing with work colleagues, thus reducing weekly fuel bills. And the increasing number of cycle lanes on many roads is further evidence of how to win the hearts and minds of motorists in the fight against congestion.

The Joy of Motoring
Recent research into the attitudes of motorists shows we are still more than happy to get behind the wheel. Despite rising fuel costs, insurance premiums and frequent traffic jams, 9 out of 10 of us still enjoy driving. Whether it’s visiting friends and relations, taking the family for a day out or even commuting to work, the car remains first choice for many people. Experts argue that unlike public transport, the car leaves us in charge of our own destiny, giving us the freedom to travel when and where we want. The car also gives us the opportunity to express ourselves. The kind of vehicle we drive tells the world something about who we are or what we aspire to be. Cars are not simply a means of transport but also something we wear.
Write the essay. (around 240 - 280 words)


One of the things that the authorities have to struggle with nowadays is the increasing level of traffic congestion. 

The first text discusses some measures to solve this problem, such as establishing speed limits on roads and setting parking restriction in busy areas. In addition to this policies, there are other actions that can help. For example, by improving public transportation people would be encouraged to leave their cars at home. Other option is to encourage motorists to share their cars with their colleagues. That can happen by exposing the benefits regarding the reduction of the fuel bill.

The second extract focuses on the motorist’s passion for driving. Researchers have shown that people enjoy driving their car rather than taking public transport. Regardless of the fuel cost, the insurance premium and all the inconvenience of spending hours in the traffic jam, cars still own people’s preference. That can be a challenge for the traffic congestion issues outlined above. According to the passage, the main reason for the car popularity works on the fact that car gives people the freedom they want. Also cars enable people to express themselves since the car you have can tell a lot about you.

To sum up, both texts discuss some points about cars. Even though the society has to deal with the traffic jam problem, is undeniable the importance that cars have in our lives in some positive and negative aspects.

240 words

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