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CPE Exam Novemver 2016 Essay Sample

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Essay on ways to relax

Nowadays we can turn to natural techniques to help us relieve the stress of our hectic lives without resorting to anti-depressant pills that can do more harm than good. (Suggestion - change the intro )

Both texts address the topic of how to deal with stress and propose healthy alternatives to relax, such as drinking tea or doing gentle exercise. (Suggested intro)

The first text boasts the benefits of drinking tea and no wonder this beverage is consumed worldwide. Be it a cultural tradition or just a pleasure to be enjoyed surrounded by relatives, tea is deemed to be a good beverage to act as a stimulant or to reduce drowsiness. First and foremost because it is completely devoid of caffeine, and (careful: this is actually not true. Read the text again) it contains a natural leaf commonly called Theanine known for reducing anxiety and giving us a sense of calmness. This beverage has the merit of being easily accessible to all and doesn’t require any medical advice before being consumed.

Conversely The second text advocates the benefit of practising meditation or yoga to unwind. Meditation is gaining in popularity with schemes and being implemented in big businesses where employees are allocated a few minutes of their working time to meditate with a professional practitioner .
This practice has shown marked improvements inasmuch as employees feel much more relaxed after a meditation class and thus are more productive and efficient at work. Yoga can also be a good alternative to help relieve stress effects as long as you go for very slow yoga, which is less  not as physically demanding as normal yoga .

All in all , whether you choose to resort to tea , meditation or yoga to find peace of mind, these natural techniques alternatives will undoubtedly take your mind off things in the most natural way. (natural again? avoid repetition)

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