Friday, 24 February 2017

C1 en CUID (centro de idiomas a distancia) de UNED

Hola Gustavo,
he descubierto tu blog sobre el C1 y me sirve de gran ayuda. Adjunto te envío un writing para que me des tu opinión y corrijas lo que sea necesario.
Gracias de antemano y un saludo,
Elena Ramos


Write a review on a film or TV series that you like. Please try to stick to the word limit (200 words)

A review. 
(Give us a better title...A review on...)

The bridge is a police drama TV series set in Scandinavia and the third season was released last year. It was broadcasted on BBC4 channel and on AXN in Spain.

The first episode begins when a woman´s dead body is found in the middle of the bridge marking the border between Sweden and Denmark. Not only was she killed, but also her body was cut in half. After some inquiries are carried out, it is discovered that each half belongs to a different body. A Danish inspector and a Swedish police woman work together to find out who the killer is.

The main characters are Saga who suffers from Asperger syndrome, a disorder characterized by asocial behaviour, difficulties in social interaction and understanding others´ feelings. On the one hand, human relationships are hard for her but on the other hand she has a very high intelligence quotient. Martin is a Danish police inspector, he is a gentle family man and despite being so different from Saga, he becomes a great support for her. Feedback: I suggest that you write this paragraph again: The Main two characters are police officers, Saga and Martin, who are played by actors... (tell us a little bit about the actors, are they famous? are they convincing? why do you like them?) 

The great strengths of the series is how the characters unfold and the worrying atmosphere in which the brilliant acting takes place along all the episodes. The plot picks you up and gets gradually more exciting and thrilling. (Tell us more, who is the director? is the music good? are there action scenes? and special effects??? )

For all lovers of crime and thriller, this TV series is a must. Not only is a gripping story, but it also reflects the complexity of human behaviour.

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