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CPE Essay Sample and Correction

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Eliza Fernandez

Genetic engineering

Over the past few decades science and technology have changed every aspect of life . However in medical science it’s its evidence is even more transparent for the recent research innovated a process called genetic engineering that eventually makes way for unnatural birth for the first time on earth. (Feedback: Is the introduction clear? By reading the introduction, does the reader have a clear idea of what your are goint to write about?)

As scientists claim genetic engineering is an evolutionary process itself . The process is capable of editing faulty genes from animals while the embryo is under gastronomical development. This replacement of faulty genes will ensure healthy cubs free from genetic mutation and diseases that originate from parental genes will also be edited which indicate birth of more healthy animal cubs and crop. Reasonably, there will be more new varieties of plants as well as new species will be created to satisfy the increasing demand for meat . overall, the process will redress food crisis in the world.

However, the process involves negative vibes such as besides animals and plants human cloning is also possible which will disastrously change the natural process of birth and might proved to be a fatal experiment interfering with natural evolution. For example the rate of mortality will decrease day by day which means a threat of overpopulation in every country of the world, secondly, human cloning is something, if experimented in the real life will destroy the existence of mankind- nonetheless to say the world is not prepared to manage such man created disaster.

In short, genetic engineering is beneficial only when it will be experimented and applied with proper justification otherwise reckless experiments are certainly posing a danger that might soon outlive man’s existence on earth. In my belief, no matter what, all scientific experiments have their own good or bad results now, whether the risk is worth taking or not this rhetoric question has no confirmed answer at present.

Feedback: all text in green needs to be re-checked

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