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CPE 2017 Essay on Food Sample and feedback

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The way in which we eat has been is constantly (dramatically) changing, meaning that those old-fashion dinners where all the family would come along together and share a nice and comfy meal are prompt to disappear. Feedback: Careful with the use of "old-fashion". It has a negative connotation and it sounds like you are saying "I hate having dinner with my family, I think it is an old tradition that has to end".

The first text aims for all the positive aspects of eating together whereas the second one addresses the harsh reality in which already prepared food seems to be the best option, since it is quick and easy to make. Feedback: For a paragraph, it is too short. Add a couple of lines more.

Sharing a good time with family and friends while eating can boost one’s self-esteem and is considered to be a healthy habit. It is as well an excuse to get to know better your relatives, resulting in a better environment at home. As I see it, the rising unpopularity of these fancy arrangements may be the cause of the current devalue of such important terms as family. Moreover, convenience food is regarded as artificial and one from which our health may not benefit. It has also been doubted how edible this meals really are, due to the amount of chemical and non-natural additives. (Feedback: If you started the last paragraph with "The first text...", then do the same here and start: "The second text...")

In the past, food would play a major role and was connected in a more profound level to cultural belongings, prove to this is the fact that gastronomy remains as a huge aspect for tourism.

Nowadays, relying on just a few minutes to eat; fast-food and already prepared meals are being widely spread. I would like to believe it is not as much our fault, but are one’s strict timetables and jobs to blame for this situation. (Feedback: It is a little too long for a conclusion. Try to use one of the typical phrases to conclude an essay).

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