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CPE 2017 Light-hearted Article Sample and Correction

Ecco il mio "article" per l'esame cambridge cpe. 
Grazie in anticio,

Francesco Laterza

An in-flight magazine has asked its readers to submit a light-hearted article with the title Space transport in 2050. Write an article describing future forms of transport and saying how you would take advantage of them.

Feedback in red

There are no limits with transport

Due to technological progress, mankind has developed different forms of transport such as cars, cycles and  trains, etc. However the possibility of improving more and more has strongly promoted numerous researches to find new and cheaper ways of moving from one place to another.

One of the most interesting option realisable (?) until 2050 is certainly flying cars, which would be not only a dream becoming true for most the pseudoscience fans, but it would also allow people to travel wherever they want and ignore the limits put by modern streets. In fact a flying car could travel at whatever height, which would make drivings much safer for both drivers and pedestrians.

Another curious form of transport could also be a mix of a parachute and a small aircraft. In fact, because of the constant demand of oil in order to sustain common transport and most of the factories, relying on forms of transport capable of performing partially regardless of these resources would be a real success. This hypothetical aircraft could make his debut by working as a less powerful plane if it had to go up and using air as a common parachute when it had to go down.

As we can see, options are various and so are the advantages we could take of them. Flying cars could dramatically reduce the number of accidents and make this world a better place, other than (?) letting more and more people visit place they would have never seen before, such as a jungle or a desert, since common cars would never be able to. The “plane”, on the other hand, not having the same power of a common one, could just be used by ordinary people to travel through air and, thanks to their lower cost, they would not be so much expensive.

To sum up, the possibilities still exists and so will it be for the next decades, but it is up to us to find the most useful and the cheapest one in order to combine profits and availability.

General feedback: Text needs to be improved to be at CPE level
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