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CPE Essay Sample: The Role of Arts in Society

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The Role of the Arts in Society

Many people claim that the arts play an essential part in their lives, they find solace and an inexplicable pleasure in looking at a painting, watching a theatre play or following an opera production. On the other hand, there are those who simply do not feel the urge to engage in such activities and find fulfilment elsewhere.  Due to such a difference in people’s approach towards the arts, several questions arise which have yet to be answered.

The first takes discusses whether art productions should receive financial support from the government. Ardent supporters of the arts favour the idea of contributing to the different arts organizations financially. According to them, theatres, operas and art galleries ought to be aided owing to the fact that these are fundamental in society. Naturally, those who are not keen on the arts disapprove of funding them alleging that these organizations should be self-sustaining. Admittedly, if the latter group do not attend any of the artistic productions in their city or country, they may rightfully ask for their taxes to be spent on other domains. (Feedback: Maybe here in the last line, add your own point of view).

The second text presents the problematic that in the long term some not-so-popular forms of art might disappear. For instance, similarly to any enterprise, an opera production which does not sell enough tickets,  can go bankrupt. This unfortunate outcome may dissapoint supporters and have a negative impact on a large number of employees. (In this part maybe also present two points of view like you did in the paragraph before plus your own opinion. You need to add a couple of lines). 

To sum up, I believe that the representatives of different arts ought to be helped by the taxpayers for several reasons. Most of us benefit from the artists’ endeavours, their efforts having an enormous impact on our thinking and state of mind. Furthermore, artists should have the right to make a living by pursuing their dreams. Finally, even those who oppose the arts presently may have a change of heart, even for a mere hour, and become fans themselves. (How do you get to this conclusion? How do you link conclusion to the paragraphs that come before? Try to keep conclusion short: no more than 5 or max 6 lines).


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