Wednesday, 2 August 2017

CPE 2017 Film Review Eat Pray Love

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Your college magazine has asked people to write a review of a film that they feel presents a positive picture of young people’s lives today. You decide to write a review, describing a film, explaining what it shows about young people and why you chose it.

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Review on the film Eat, Pray, Love: An insight on today´s young generation

Being a millennial means not only having been born between 1980 and 1995 but also a completely different way of living. Today’s young people –usually known as Millennials or Generation Y- have transformed their lives’ prospects into unstructured lifestyles  which were unimaginable a decade ago. (Feedback: The Intro is about young people, but try to connect it with the film also. The Intro should give us an idea of what you are going to write about, and should engage us to want to read more).

As proof of this, the film Eat, Pray, Love tells Liz Gilbert’s story based on her real experience. After having got a really comfortable house, an excellent job and an apparently perfect husband, she realizes she has found everything in life but her inner self. Despite of having obtained whatever she struggled for, she feel lost, distressed and unsatisfied. To make mattes worse, she also has to go through a divorce that devastates her. This difficult situation leads her to go out of her comfort zone, risking everything to change her life. She embarks on a journey around the world looking for a self-discovery. As a result of her experience all over the world, she realizes that she had always had more than she needed, but she had taken it for granted. (I find the paragraph a little bit too long, and I am missing important information about the film, like the name of the female star and the year of production, maybe setting also).
This film describes how things happen in real life nowadays . The movie’s main feature is that it analyses how young people live today. Actually, Generation Y neither thinks in a materialistic way nor looks for a successful career. In fact, they are just looking for touching experiences , usually connected with multicultural contexts. They long for travelling for long periods in order to get in touch with foreign costumes and perceptions. Millennials are not looking forward to just being better off, they are eager to live in a more relaxed and unstressed way every day by  breaking old paradigms for love and success. (Connect this with the film, give is a concrete example)
Personally, I feel strongly identified with Liz Gilbert’s experience, because it sincerely shows how young people approach their lives and job plans. Eat, Pray, Love addresses this perspective in such an enriching way that watching it is a must for young generations. (Feedback: Why did you choose this film? What makes it better than other films?)