Sunday, 12 November 2017

F.A.Q: CPE Essays

Hi Gustavo, I'm going to take the CPE soon, I'm in doubt about something regarding CPE Essays.

I have understood that it's not necessary to refer to text 1 and text 2 when writing the Essay, but I have seen that you say that we have to refer to them, is it a norm or a recommendation? 

A professor once told me that it was fine if we just addressed the points of the two texts, that it's not necessary to refer to them. 

I will appreciate an answer.  

Andres  M.


Dear Andres, 
Your professor is right. You need to address the points of the two texts.
That is why I always recommend using 4 paragraphs:

P1 Intro (maybe say what the common point of both texts is)
P2 Summarise text 1 + your own thoughts
P3 Summarise text 2 + your own thoughts
P4 Conclusion 

I hope my answer helps.
Best Regards


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