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CPE Essay: Alternative Energy

Alternative energy (title)

Dusseldorf Germany(intro/ state an argument)
It is a fact universally acknowledged that our coal and oil resources are not unlimited, reason for which it is vitally important to look for other alternatives to generate energy. It has recently been suggested by Dr Symonds that nuclear power is the best way to produce such desired energy, however, this is a highly dubious proposition.

(P1 -support your argument -idea1)
Firstly, the cost of producing nuclear energy is ridiculously expensive and in fact, totally unaffordable for developing countries. It would be infinitely preferable for scientists like Dr Symonds to take the economic factor into consideration and to suggest more realistic ideas on how to solve the lack of fuel problem.

(P2 -support your argument -idea2)
Secondly, the statement that nuclear energy is environmentally friendly, which was propose by Dr Symonds in a seminar n 12th June, is not entirely true. There is plenty of evidence that the radioactive waste produced y nuclear plants is actually a much worse polluter than CFCs and exhaust fumes.

(P3 -support your argument -idea3)
In addition to what has already been mentioned, I would like to point out that nuclear energy and radioactive waste are not completly safe. There is no need to recall the tragic incidents in Japan in which after an accident in a nuclear plant, a whole town was to suffer the lethal consequences of radioactivity, such as infertility, malformations and even death by poisoning. To make things even worse, the pollutants produced by nuclear plants are thrown into the ocean and this, far from being "environmentally friendly", will have cataclysmic effects on the planet in the not so distant future.

To sum up, it is clear that the use of nuclear power has more than a few drawbacks, not only is it highly expensive but it is also dangerous both for people and the planet. Therefore, other forms of safer and more affordable energy must be pursued by the government and the scientific community. 

Gustavo Albarracín
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