Thursday, 27 March 2014

CAE Mind your spelling !

In the CAE exam, as in any other Cambridge ESOL examination, it is extremely important to be careful with your spelling. You don´t want to lose points in the Use of English or Writing Papers for not being able to write words correctly. So, which are the words that you usually misspell in English? Is there a particular word that always gives you trouble?

According to Oxford Dictionaries, the 5 most common misspelled words are:
accommodation, achieve, across, aggressive and apparently.  

But what about you? In your opinion, what are the words in English with the most difficul spelling? We asked some CAEs and CPEs (people who have successfully passed these exams) and these are their answers:
1: "Mine is customer. I´m never sure if it´s with u or o, and have to look it up in the dictionary."
2: "Possession. I find double letters confusing."

3: "Disappointed. Disappointing how I always make a mistake with this one."

4: "Embarrassing. Double r and double s."

5: "The one I never know how to spell is cigarette."

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