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Proposal Sample

CAE Exam writing task: 

The International Development Agency has given our town a grant to be spent on improving transport and housing facilities.

The Planning Director invites you to send a proposal outlining any problem with existing transport and housing facilities and explaining how they can be improved. A decision can then be made about how the money should be spent. Write a proposal.

Proposal on how to spend the Town´s grant

The major aim of this proposal is to provide details about the transport and housing facilities in my town, Bentre City, and to put forward ideas on how they can be made better.

Difficulties concerning transport 
There are two main issues which require immediate attention. Firstly, a lack of public transport for cross-district travel has made it difficult for students who are from other areas in my province to travel to town for their studies. Secondly, the fare for the bus service at the moment is much higher than that in other big cities, such as Hochiminh City.  

Difficulties concerning accommodation:
   The city has seen significant developments in recent years. However, people are still very unhappy with the water supply service and the piping system underground. What this means is that the inadequate provision of water has caused great annoyance to local residents, and that the inefficient piping system is always causing the blockage of their WC waste matters.

Suggestions for improvements
·  In terms of transport, it is advisable to spend part of the grant on more buses and to cut down on the fare by half so that more students are encouraged to use this means of transport.
· With regard to people’s household matters, it is vital that these problems are tackled as soon as possible. If the cost of repairing the system goes beyond the money provided, the city council can call the city inhabitants for support.

    It is an honor for us to receive the grant from the agency; thus, it is crucially important to make the best use of it. I strongly believe that the problems mentioned above are our city’s most formidable obstacles now and that urgent actions must be taken.

**CAE Proposal Sample by guest blogger Duong Hoang Phuc

CAE Practice
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