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An international current affairs magazine has invited readers to contribute articles entitled ‘ Globalisation- good news or bad ?’ for its next issue. You decide to write an article explaining your personal views on this topic.

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Let’s go global

Teotihuacan MexicoI disagree strongly with the idea that globalisation is a threat to traditional symbols, culture and identities. The way I see it, it is a reality which is provoking a sweeping change in our lifestyles.

No need to say that the Internet, the social networks, the mobile phone and the free access telephone services like skype have not only great accessibility but truly have brought people from all around the world much closer. 

"Personally, I can hardly do without these useful tools of communication. They enable me to stay in touch with my distant family and also to find and share information with different people who have the same interests as mine."

Besides, I find people less confined to one culture and identity, they are more open to new ideas and experiences. Being connected to others lead, thus, to a better understanding of our differences. Do not this prove that we all can be more open-minded and tolerant to others?

Another positive aspect of globalisation is discovering new clothes, new food and new products which come from the western culture. Now we have cheaper access to brands like Coca-Cola, Mc Donald and Nike. And that’s not all because companies can now boost their economy by expanding  and reaching new customers overseas.

But there is more, thanks to low-cost air companies  people  travel much more than in the past. I remember the time when my parents had to tighten their belt for a vacation to a one-hour-distance place. We can see a real betterment for the enjoyment of everybody. In that, we can extend our knowledge when visiting other countries and even habe more job opportunities.

All in all, I can say that globalisation is good news. It generates easier ways to do business, interlinks countries and creates a better standard of living. All things considered why are we so afraid of globalisation since it is confirmed to make people happier?

CPE blogger from France

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