Thursday, 8 May 2014


It´s vitally important to be able to use adverbs in the CAE/ CPE exams. When writing a book or film review, for example, it is fundamental to write descriptively. This will cause a very positive effect on the reader/ examiner

Useful phrases

poignantly        directed by              (*note: poignant meaning touching or moving)
convincingly    directed by
skilfully            directed by

poignantly        acted by
convincingly    acted by
skilfully            acted by

highly                  praised by
overwhelmingly  praised by
widely                 praised by

harshly                criticised by        (*note: harshly meaning severely )
overwhelmingly  criticised by
widely                 criticised by

The 1998 Warner Bros film was skilfully directed by Griffin Dunne.
Even though Practical Magic was widely criticised, I still consider it my favourite movie.

*For further reference see book SpeakOut by Frances Eales and Steve Oakes. /Pearson.

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