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Proposal on the "Careers Day" 

The purpose of this document is to provide recommendations on how to make the Careers Day at college a real success. The ideas submitted come from the students who attended last years´ event and the     students´forum.

The workshops and the speakers
It is of the interest of the students to have really practical workshops given by people who do unusual, inspiring jobs, and not just the traditional ones. Emphasis should be given on inviting successful and innovative professionals, who can be interviewed by our students.

Training courses proposal
To have a full insight of the practical aspect of jobs, the students request to have one week training courses given by companies. This would give our students to opportunity to experience the real and practical aspect of jobs.

Organisation of the event 
Due to classes at the college not all the students are able to attend the event at anytime. A 2-day programme should be considered if we want all the students to benefit from the event. 

Networking opportunities
I suggest having a "networking room" where participants can get to know each other and be able to make connections. It is our students' belief that in order to succeed in life you not only need to study hard but to know the right people.

If the proposed ideas receive your serious consideration, the event next year will draw more students and be even more successful.   

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