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cae writing video gamesAn international magazine for young people has asked readers to send in articles on the topic of ‘Computer games- a complete waste of time and money’. Write an article supporting or disagreeing with the statement, and give your reasons.

Write your article in 220- 260 words

Is the game over?

Nowadays a mind-blowing number of  computer games are available on the market. They have turned into a popular leisure time activity especially among the young  people. This fact makes some of us wonder whether computer games are a loss of time and money and what we can do about it.

The way I see it, playing computer games is not necessarily a waste of time as long as they bring the share of excitement  that other activities can’t provide. Even if you spend a lot of money on a great book or a passionate film, you will never get your fill of thrill  as when you play computer games.

When  playing computer games you are the real actor, you can decide to do what you want and this fills you with deep emotions. In addtion studies have discovered that playing video games helps certain mental abilities such as developing assertiveness and agility, logic and intuition and you are more quick-thinking at solving problems .

I don’t agree when people claim that playing computer games can have some reverse effects such as addiction  or that they divert you from the real life and make you an antisocial person. You  are not socially isolated since you can  meet great people and speak to them  while you play network games.

I enjoy playing video games and I don't believe they are a waste of time. On the contrary they help us relax and develop some abilities. Having said this, in the case of children, it is always wise for  parents to set  a gaming time and encourage their kids to read, do some sport and outdoor activities. 

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