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We invite you, our readers, to submit an article on new technology and how it affects your life. We will publish one article from each country . Your article should outline the impact of new technology on your life now. You should also explain what further changes are likely to take place in the near future and how these could affect you.

Write your article 220-260 words


Nowadays we have in the market a wide range of smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other efficient and attractive gadgets. With their flawless functions  these devices have really transformed my life. 

I must admit I can not do without my smartphone. It enables me to send emails, message my friends, connect to social networking sites and also keep track of the news at real time. If I didn't have my phone, communication would probably take ages and my life would be a complete bore.

Technology also means I can take high-quality pictures and tweet them at the push of a button. But that’s not all. I download music and books from the cloud to my table as easy as pie. How pleasant it is to listen to my favorite music anywhere and read 400-page books without suffering the heavy bags . 

But mind you, technology seems to be still in an early stage and promises further breakthroughts that will amaze us. Our little darlings  won’t have to carry heavy schoolbags any longer, all their books will be stored on a tablet and soon we will open our home doors by voice command. Left you keys in the office? No sweat! There will be technology to rescue you. It will make life really easy for us. What more could we ask for ?

By Syb 


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1.What is a gadget you couldn't live without?
2. Have you got a smartphone? How often do you use it and what for?


Notice the vocabulary in the text that is connected with the topic of technology (underlined words). What is the meaning of these words? 

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